We invest from a concept-stage to a Series-A stage and we don’t focus on any specific sectors.

Founders that are in the trenches are best placed to uncover new and unique insights.

We’re most open to un-intuitive and contrarian ideas. We love working with great founders who are building off these unique learnings. We especially enjoy non-attractive markets. We believe the best opportunities are in directions where no one else is looking.

Our approach is simply to back great entrepreneurs and support them all the way.

Partnering with us means that founders are always in the driving seat. We see our full-time role as that of support and of doing the best we possibly can to help augment what is possible for teams to accomplish.

At this stage, we’re at our best because we emphasise creating conversations with people who can help founders think really big and make things happen.

Our best references are our portfolio entrepreneurs.

What we're excited about

While we don’t have a sector-specific focus, we tend to invest in technology products solving India-centric problems. We’re generally quite excited about software that can enable middlemen, traders, and micro-SMEs through technology – Meesho and Wealthy are two examples from our portfolio..

We believe that empowering existing industries with technology (rather than disruption) is a superior approach for the local market.

We share our evolving thoughts over email from time to time:

Take a look at the archives to know what we’re talking about.

Our Story

We (Rohan and Arjun) previously started Investopad in 2014. Along the way, we met some really smart founders and invested some of our own capital in their ideas.

We loved working with founders, especially at the stage when they’re still conceptualising ideas and experimenting with products. To be able to do this again and again, we left Investopad and launched Good Capital in September 2019.

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